Post natal blues

For six years she dominated my life so it’s hardly surprising that now she’s effectively fled the nest I’ve got the – well – the empty nest blues.

There has been a modest flurry of interest among extended family and friends but I won’t be putting in my offer on the desert island quite yet. If there is a market out there beyond immediate family then I have to get my marketing hat on.

Received wisdom says social networking is the way to go for self publishers, but in this case I don’t really think my target readership would be particularly Facebook and Twitter savvy. So instead I’m going for editorial, or for reviews, and so far two people in Australia have agreed to review it – a Family History magazine and SAG (Society of Australian Genealogists) – and I’m hoping for a mention in the local Hawkesbury Family History newsletter. In the UK so far I’ve heard back from two editors of family history magazines (no guarantees).  I’m holding a book launch at my home in two weeks’ time and if I make it to Australia next year I may well do the same there.



At last, I have my EIN (Employer Identification Number). Thank you David Gaughran who posted details on It took me a few goes and when I did eventually get through a few minor misunderstandings, partly because the lady on the phone was using a different phonetic alphabet for the spelling of my name – ‘That’s P for Pilar’ … ‘P for what?’ I found myself asking – and now I have to complete and send three different W-8BEN forms to Kindle Direct Publishing, Smashwords and CreateSpace to request exemption from US tax, otherwise the IRS takes 30% of everything I earn through every channel bar A bit of me was wondering if it’s worth it but now I have it I have it in perpetuity so if – when – I start making any real money I get to keep it. Hoorah again!

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Organiser of theatre tours part-time teacher of theatre: Writer of 'The Worst Country in the World'. Tutor in self publishing: Australiophile, mother of two, living in north London with a Freedom pass.
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2 Responses to Post natal blues

  1. She’s got wings Patsy!

  2. patsyt says:

    Thanks Mike, I hope so!

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